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shinepukur ceramic limited

Shinepukur Ceramics Limited also known as (SCL) in its short form is a member of Beximco group. Beximco group is one of the largest organization in Bangladesh run by famous businessman Salman F. Rahman. At this stage, this group has over 4000 employees. Like Shinepukur Ceramics Limited, Beximco group is expanding its business in Textiles, Trading, Marine Food, Real Estate Development, Hospitality, Construction, Information and Communication Technologies, Media, Ceramics, Aviation, Pharmaceuticals, Financial Services and almost with every important sectors.

Shinepukur Ceramics has been registered as a private company in Bangladesh in 1997. “SCL” has started its Porcelain Tableware plant in April 1999 and Bone China plant in November 1999, one year earlier that means in 1998 these plants were commissioned. Shinepukur Ceramics Limited (SCL) is situated near “DEPZ” (Dhaka Export Processing Zone) and inside the Beximco Industrial Park, which is around 40km far from Dhaka city. In Beximco Industrial park – captive power generation, water supply, effluent water treatment and all other infrastructural facilities are available.

Shinepukur uses highest quality raw-materials and ingredients in order to produce world class “Bone China” as well as “Porcelain Tableware”. Shinepukur Ceramic Limited always proceed with some critical examines like Thermal shock tolerance, Detergent, Acid and Chipping resistance, Verification levels, Dishwasher efficacy before producing its products. That’s why we see eye caching designs in all “SCL” products. Of course these tests are run by adroit specialists who works all day long in SCL’s in-house lab. Some “Bone China”, “Ivory China” and “Porcelain” product pictures are as follows:

SP Ceramic Bone China Set

Shinepukur all in one bone china set
Shinepukur bone china diner set
Shinepukur bone china tea set


Shinepukur BC-K29 bone china allin1 set
Shinepukur BC-K29 bone china dinner set
Shinepukur BC-K29 bone china tea set


Shinepukur BC-K38 bone china allinone set
Shinepukur BC-K38 bone china dinner set
Shinepukur BC-K38 bone china tea set


Having unique shape and glaze, Shinepukur Ceramic Limited’s porcelain is one of the best porcelain in this world. White porcelain is exceptionally translucent, crystalline as well as peerless. Porcelain unit has the ability to produce about five thousand two hundred and fifty tons annually. Shinepukur’s tableware is elegantly designed in order to bring the luxury in day to day life.

Shinepukur Ceramics Porcelain Set

Shinepukur POR-H1 porcelain all in one set
Shinepukur POR-H1 porcelain dinner set
Shinepukur POR-H1 porcelain tea set


Shinepukur POR-S44 porcelain all in one set
Shinepukur POR-S44 porcelain dinner set
Shinepukur POR-S44 porcelain tea set


Shinepukur Ceramic Limited Ivory China Set

Shinepukur IV-S41 allinone set
Shinepukur IV-S41 ivory dinner set
Shinepukur IV-S41 ivory tea set


Shinepukur Ceramic Limited has quality control department. Each employee is picked from every corner of Bangladesh based on their merit on ceramic industry. SP Ceramic has gained the people’s trust and achieved ISO 9001:2008 certificate. SCL is one of the pioneer Bone China and Porcelain Tableware manufacturer in Bangladesh. Shinepukur Ceramic Limited uses expensive machines in testing, packaging and producing unit. These machines are brought from TAKASAGO, MINO and SKK of Japan. SP Ceramic provides effective training facilities to all employees who are involved in operating these bots.

Shinepukur Ceramic Limited introduces various Bone china and Porcelain Tableware products such as dinner set, place setting, starter set, tea set, coffee set, soup set etc. Combining Bone China, Porcelain Tableware and Ivory China, there are over 245 shapes of products available in our local market. Besides shapes, Shinepukur has over sixteen hundred designs available for its customers. Among these designs, Bone China has 756 decorations and Porcelain has 844 decorations available. All designs and shapes are done from Shinepukur’s own Design studio and Decal Plant. At this stage, Shinepukur Ceramic Limited is exporting its product in foreign countries like Australia, Argentina, Canada, Denmark, Egypt, France, Germany, India, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Norway, New Zealand, Poland, Pakistan, USA, UK, UAE etc.

Shinepukur Ceramic Limited Achievement:

As Shinepukur Ceramic Limited has expanded its business in almost every part of the global world so we can surely say that it is indeed one of the largest Ceramic Tableware exporter from Bangladesh. Shinepukur Ceramic Limited achieved “National Export Trophy (Gold)” award for three times, which is a record in Bangladesh Ceramic history. It has also achieved “National Export Trophy (Silver)” award in 2009. Additionally, SCL has been achieved ‘Superbrands’ award for the first time in Bangladesh. No other ceramic tableware manufacturer of Bangladesh achieved that award yet. We have already mentioned that “SCL” is ISO 9001:2008 certified.

Shinepukur Ceramic Limited enlisted in Dhaka Stock Exchange on 2008, It’s been rated as “A” category share under the ceramic sector as on 18-07-2012


Contact information of Shinepukur Ceramic Limited:

Corporate Office Address: BEL Tower, Level # 12,
19 Dhanmondi, Road# 1, Dhaka-1205, Bangladesh
Phone: 8611891-5, 8618220-7
Fax: 9661678, 8613470
Email: spclint@bol-online.com, spclint@sclbd.net
Website: www.shinepukur.com

Shinepukur Ceramics Limited


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