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social islami bank limited

Social Investment Bank Limited was renamed to “Social Islami Bank Limited” and its operating as a private commercial bank in Bangladesh from 1995. Social Islami Bank Limited is also known as “SIBL” in its short form. It has more than seventy four branches available all across the country. Its providing formal banking as well as Islamic Banking to its clients.

There are several products and services offered by Social Islami Bank Limited to its clients. These products are: Formal Banking Sector, Non Formal Banking Sector, Voluntary Banking Sector, E-age Banking and Ancillary services.

In formal banking sector of SIBL the following features are available:

  • Investment Banking
  • Foreign Exchange Trade
  • Deposit Scheme
  • Deposit Account

Under investment banking of SIBL, there are Bal-Muazzal, HPSM, Murabaha, Musharaka and special investment services available. Under foreign exchange trade Export finance, Import finance, Foreign remittance and SWIFT is available. There are four types of Deposit Account services available in SIBL, those are Al-Wadiah current deposit, Mud. savings deposit, Mud. term deposit and Mud. Notice deposit.

There are presently ten deposit schemes available in SIBL:

  • Mudaraba Monthly profit
  • Hajj Deposit Scheme
  • Mudaraba Millionaire Scheme
  • Mudaraba special Deposit (Pension) scheme
  • Mudaraba Term savings Scheme based on Monthly Deposit
  • Mudaraba Education Savings Scheme
  • Mudaraba Bashastan Savings Scheme
  • Mudaraba double Benefit Deposit Scheme
  • Mudaraba Lakhopoti Deposit Scheme
  • Mudaraba Foreign Currency Term Deposit Scheme

In non formal banking sector of SIBL these following features are available:

  • Micro Investment Scheme
  • Micro Enterprise Investment Scheme
  • Joint Scheme
  • Development and Rehabilitation Scheme

Voluntary Banking Sector of SIBL offers Cash Waqf Scheme and Mosque Waqf Property Development Scheme. Under ancillary service of SIBL, Locker service, Utility Bill receives, Guarantee issues and Consultancy service available. Any branch banking, online banking and ATM booths are categorized under E-age banking.

Social Islami Bank Limited enlisted in Dhaka Stock Exchange on 2000, It’s been listed as “A” category share under the banking sector.


Contact Information of SIBL:

Head Office: 15, Dilkusha Commercial Area, Dhaka-1000, Bangladesh.
Phone: +880-2-9559014, 9557499, 9568275, 9565647
Fax: +880-2-9568098
Email: info@sibl-bd.com, ceo@sibl-bd.com
Website: www.siblbd.com

Social Islami Bank Limited

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