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NITOL Insurance Company Limited is a public limited general insurance company incorporated in October 1999 with authorized share capital of Tk. 500 Million and paid up capital of Tk. 60 Million. Later it got listed in DSE and CSE during the year 2005 and its shares were traded on both the stock exchanges. Since its inception the success mantra for the company was security which it make its punch line   READ MORE..

NITOL Insurance Company Limited

National Life Insurance Company is a first private sector indigenous life insurance company in Bangladesh since April 1985. National Life Insurance was formed with three clear and unique philosophies which are rarely seen by the corporate! They are listed below: • To cultivate and motivate the saving habits among the low and middle income group so that savings become useful for them during calamities and does not have to worry   READ MORE..

National Life Insurance Company

Mercantile Insurance Company Limited is functional as a public limited since 1996. MICL was started with Authorized Capital of Tk. 100 Crore and Paid Up Capital of Tk. 34.98 Crore. It has been listed in Dhaka Stock Exchange and Chittagong Stock Exchange later. Today it has spreaded its wings to 15 branches and has a team of 333 employees to serve its customer. It is Mercantile’s vision to be an   READ MORE..

Mercantile Insurance Company Limited

During Nineties some of the leading Bangladeshi professionals thought of being a part to solve nation’s problem of unemployment, poverty, and improve the life of common people. Sudden thought was to create a life insurance company through which major contribution can be made to reduce the socio economic problem of the country. Meghna Life Insurance Company Limited was born with this noble cause in 1996 with the help of some   READ MORE..

Meghna Life Insurance Company Limited

Islamic Finance and Investment Limited (IFIL) was incorporated in 2001 as a public limited company, commenced its operations from the same year. Company inaugurated its office in 2002 by Honorable President of Bangladesh. Company later listed its shares and started trading in DSE and CSE during 2005. Since then company has been a leading financier to industry along with real estate and trading communities. IFIL is the first financial company   READ MORE..

Islamic Finance and Investment Limited

Fareast Islami Life Insurance Co. Ltd. is the first life insurance company in Bangladesh corporated on Islamic principles and shariah rules. It has adopted a holistic approach in doing business. Company was incorporated in the year 2000 and since then due to its decentralization business policy and strong team has gained trust and confidence of the people in Bangladesh. Company has developed strong infrastructure over a period of time and   READ MORE..

Fareast Islami Life Insurance Co. Ltd.

Eastland Insurance Company Limited is one of the foremost first generation general insurance company belonging to private sector in Bangladesh. It was established in 1986 and was listed in Dhaka Stock Exchange in 1994. Company successfully completed 28 years of its operation in November 2013. Company is following the principle of dynamic activism in business policy and hence stays ahead from the competitors and also obtains best deals from the   READ MORE..

Eastland Insurance Company Limited

Eastern Insurance Company Limited is one of the pioneer private sector insurance company in Bangladesh. It started its operation from the year 1986 and got its share listed in DSE during 1994 and in 1996 it got listed with CSE. It has earned reputation and trust in the market due to its strict adherence to ethics and fair business policy. All its policies lead to customer satisfaction and hence enhance   READ MORE..

Eastern Insurance Company Limited

Dhaka Insurance Limited was incorporated during January 2000. Company was formed with a noble aim of providing assurance to business, industry, livelihood, etc from the unavoidable uncertainty, risk and insecurity of life. Company understands very well that an insurance company is as important as business for a business houses and hence it has to be more trusted, ethical and consistent in giving services. Dhaka Insurance Company was formed with such   READ MORE..

Dhaka Insurance Limited


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